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Serpil T replied on Dec 23, Monica M asked on Dec 08, Firstly asked on Oct 26, Hi there The collection agency is just acting on behalf of B2 do not give them your bank details under any circumstances there should be an email address For b2 write them an email saying that you have never use their site and they would know that because they have not got your bank details and let them know that you would not be paying for a service that you have not received and do not want to receive and keep a copy for yourself and cc copy to the collection agency.

I hope this helps and you do not hear from them again. Nick replied on Oct 27, I contacted them with the invoice number and they wanted all my details. Firstly replied on Oct 31, Irene asked on Oct 09, You won't win by trying to get your money back. Cut your losses and get a new card so they can't bill you again.

They absolutely will not refund you. No Australian collections agency will hassle you. Mw2 replied on Mar 20, I am in the same position. I thought we would be protected from scams like this site but it looks like we are not. I wish I had read these reviews before signing up. Nola S replied on Apr 02, If an Australian authority allowed them to have a. Mike replied on Oct 13, Firstly replied on Oct 26, I was tricked by the same Be2 who traded under another name with a Swiss website.

Be2 is registered in Luxembourg. Complaints should be addressed to the European Consumer Centre at [email removed]. If we all write to them, we may get some outcome. I have also received a threatening letter from ALR but they are only acting of behalf of their client. I will not pay for a service I have not used.

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Christine replied on Nov 01, Caroline L asked on Mar 09, Cancelling and getting a new card should work, but forget about trying to retrieve the money you've lost. You would need to start with the bank and it would probably be fruitless. Tell the bank you'd like a new card because you lost yours and someone has used it for a debit. It doesn't matter if the records say Be2.

Faxing and letters won't get you a refund. Mw2 replied on Mar 13, Try speaking to the bank. My bank refunded my Money as I told them it was a scam - which it is!!! I Just explained that they their site was misleading with the charges which you can see by most of the comments on here and that you were only expecting to pay x amount. I wrote a note requesting them to cancel my subscription on a piece of paper signed it - took a photo of it and sent it to them.

This was their suggestion and it worked. Although they said they received it too late. Dont do it replied on May 18, Murray B asked on Feb 07, Wendidole asked on Sep 22, Yes I understand your predicament as many have experienced this also. I stood against their threats to take legal action. They contacted debt collector here and tried to harass me with them.

I contacted the debt collectors and told them what had transpired between b2 and myself. I said please check out the reviews on this company yourself and see the scam it is. They emailed back and said they would take no further action. I have learnt to check reviews now after this experience. Please read Terms and conditions" I have "copy and paste" for you to read. The only hope for you: To Luxemberg address below and form.

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Termination and suspension of Services 1 We may immediately terminate the Customer Contract if: Such liability does not affect any claim which We may also have against the Customer for damages. Alternatively, the Customer may provide written notice of such termination, by sending a notice containing Customer's email address as provided during registration, country of residence and username or number.

To do so, he or she must serve notice to Us at the address designated below resp. On the Site or, where applicable, serve notice to Us using any other format permitted by Us from time to time. In any event, the service of notice must contain Customer's email address as provided during registration, country of residence and username or number, name of the used product "Academic Singles". Where an online termination Process is available, termination may also occur by following the relevant link on the Site.

Termination must occur at least 14 days prior to the expiry of the respective Contract Period or within any other notice period provided when an application for Premium Membership Services is accepted, otherwise the provisions of Condition 15 1 will apply.

The termination must be sent to: Where a Customer receiving Premium Membership Services deletes his or her profile, his or her payment obligations for Premium Membership Services remain unaffected and such Customer will not receive a reimbursement of any payments made. By deleting his or her profile, the Customer solely waives his or her right to continue to benefit from the Services. We will inform Customers about the nature of any planned suspension as soon as possible and will endeavor to do so at least 14 days prior to such suspension. Should such suspension continue beyond 3 months, any Customer who has paid for Premium Membership Services, but who has not yet received such Services, will be entitled to receive repayment of any money Paid but, in doing so, agrees that the Contract has been terminated.

Extension of contract 1 At the end of each Contract Period, the Contract will be automatically extended and continue for a period equal to the original Contract Period until the Customer terminates his or her Contract in accordance with Condition 14 6 above. In such Cases, the Customer will be informed of the relevant Contract Period, the possibility of termination and any automatic extension of the Contract Period that may apply.

Payment 1 Once the Customer's application for Premium Membership Services has been accepted and the payment transaction has been completed successfully, the Customer's payment card will be debited immediately. If I were you: I will pay them because they have enough info of you to take you to the cleaners Thank you for your response. I don't understand how they can in force payment when I'm living in another country, I checked with a lawyer.

Also, Be2 have confirmed that my membership is cancelled, as I followed their process of printing out the termination letter and signing it, sent via post.

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However, they still want the remaining 3 months payment, so unsure as to what to do. Wendidole replied on Sep 23, Thanks God O was sign for 6 months but I decided to sign for one month, time to change your credit card, this website is crab and it should be banned from the Internet. Mic Emma replied on Mar 20, They took more than four hundred dollars in my credit card and I was only a ,ember for three weeks as I thought I signed up for a trial.

The messgaes that I got were all false. They did not have a real person in those profile. I need your advise re how I can delete my profile.

Gigi replied on May 09, Bluette Krogh asked on Apr 18, You must write a letter to the manager in Luxemberg ,but do it register so you will know that she received and confirm. Also if you have paid by Pay Pal , you can block the next pay to them I have done it just in case but within the 14 days. They should give you money back. Pay Pal has written to me something very interesting.. Will be worse the effort to get together and we all complain to this agency ; I dont know about them ,but i will find out how to contact them. I realize that this isn't the outcome you'd have wished for, but I hope you understand why we made this decision.

While I cannot change this, I will make sure your objection is duly recorded.

After reviewing the case, your case has been closed in your Seller's favor. You have received the services from Seller but you're not happy with the service and the quality of the app. Unfortunately, we are unable to take any action on this claim because it is not eligible under PayPal Purchase Protection. We understand that you're not satisfied and not happy with the outcome of this case, however we cannot change this decision.

We recommend that you contact the seller directly for a resolution. To file a complaint, go to http: Thank you for choosing PayPal.

Sincerely, Syaidatina Afiqah PayPal. A very horrible site I know how you feel. Caleb replied on Feb 23, I live in Europe so don't know Australian Internet trading laws, but here Be2 demand a faxed request before they will consider refund, or cancellation of membership. This is clearly only trying to make life difficult for the customer, as every other dating site I know just require a few clicks of the mouse.

Their contact information is on their site. However if you have used your full membership in any way, they will refuse to refund. How these people are allowed to trade with all the consumer protection laws baffles me. Good luck with this, and post a review of this company. AlanC replied on Jan 28, You can stop payment if within 24 hrs or just take all your money out of account or report your card as stolen that will stop payment. Beth replied on Feb 14, I'm trying to escape from be2, and cannot change anything on the profile or reach them in any way to cancel payment.

Looks like I will have to go to the bank, feeling pretty silly and embarrassed! Should have read the reviews! I did this but Be2 now have threatened me with legal action and a bad credit report. If anyone else has information on any follow up let us in on the secret. Good luck getting out of their greedy dishonest clutch. Linda replied on Nov 18, I have the same problem too. Be2's lawyer now, has sent me an email asking for payment. What are the consequences if I am not paying them?

Can anyone help in this regards. If you made reasonable attempts to cancel the "service" then there is no case to answer. Be2 have also threatened me to garnishee wages and bank accounts in the next 30 years. They are just trying it on. In any case, Be2 are in Luxembourg, so any court costs are greater than the supposed debt.

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Interestingly I have been receiving an inordinate amount of junk mail from Luxembourg. Linda replied on Feb 06, These debt collection threats are typical of bullying cheats. They know they are dealing mainly with older people who by nature are trusting and not aggressive, and who they no doubt hope will comply with their demands. Simply ignore their threats.

It's not worth getting upset over hard as I found that myself. I emailed their Support whether he had parents, and whether they knew how he made his money. Needless to say he ignored it. But honestly, how do these people sleep straight at night? Just cancel your cards because the website they give you or email number does not excist.

Hi guys you need to contact your banks they will contact fraud squad it is elegal what this company is doing. Many people have been threatened, but no one has been taken to court to my knowledge. I suggest contacting your national newspapers, consumer associations, etc. Sadly to say, i'm also one of the singaporean victim who got scammed for 2 years. The bank re-issue u with a new card and new number. Don't bother trying to send them emails to explain to them that you want to cancel the membership or threaten them to take legal actions against them. Trust me, they have their way Be2 is a scam, don't ever ever believe them!

And I would tell everyone around me that this be2 is a scam and not to fall into their loop hole. Which organization in Spore can we turn to for advice? Iam in singapore and facing the same problem as you. I cancelled my card and they threaten now saying that they will send the Debit collection.

BE2 - Unable to cancel subscription, Review | Complaints Board

Iam afraid it will affect my credit ratings in the fututre pleaseeeeeeeee somone help me.. I have also been threatened with debt collection from these guys and have has numerous unpleasant emails with them. So I live in Australia it's advertise for free subscribe but you don't see many pics and can not reaspond sometimes some photos are blurry and not true picture the biggest prob is I went profile click settings click premium it has date I sighned up but unable to cancel there is no button it should be easy to cancel I checked out other sites and they have a cancel button and send you e.